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Opportunities for Logistics Consultants

Logistics Moves – and We Move Logistics


If it weren’t for logistics, businesses would stand still. They need seamless processes to make sure that doesn’t happen. The concepts for these are provided by logistics consultants. Thanks to their technical knowledge, the path to corporate consulting is wide open for them: Logistics consultants help companies to make their logistics future-proof.

For businesses to keep their products available, they need to procure, store, process, and transport the right goods and materials at the right time. And they need to do all of this as efficiently as possible. All the associated internal and external logistics processes must be seamlessly interwoven and work friction-free.

What Role Does Logistics Planning Have in Business?

The main task in logistics is to plan, coordinate, and manage value chains within companies. Logistics consultants provide the concepts that are needed for this. Using the logistics concepts that they develop, they identify measures and implement them across the entire supply chain in conjunction with various stakeholders, including internal parties as well as e.g. external logistics contractors.


Where Do Logistics Planners Work?

The work that logistics planners do in consulting contributes significantly to the ensured, long-term success of a company. That is why their skills are sought after by manufacturing-based organizations of different sizes in a wide range of industries. They can also find other positions at employers closely related to logistics, for example freight forwarders or fulfillment contractors


Career Opportunity as a Logistics Consultant

Something that is particularly exciting for many logistics planners and experts in the logistics field is consulting. As a logistics consultant or supply chain manager working in consulting, you:

  • Gain deep insights into logistics processes at various companies
  • Support your clients with the optimization of their workflows
  • Incorporate legal and technological developments just as much as you do the company’s needs

What Are the Typical Duties of a Logistics Consultant?

Before logistics consultants can optimize the supply chain, they first need to analyze the existing processes. They investigate areas such as warehouse planning, material flows, intralogistics, or procurement and collect all the information that is relevant to their concept design. 

Other important duties of a logistics planner:

  • Development of logistics strategies
  • Planning standardized logistics processes and material flows
  • Calculating logistics costs
  • Planning investments
  • Optimizing warehouse capacity
  • Advising suppliers and customers
  • Designing packaging concepts

Because each company has individual requirements, the concept that is created is precision-tailored to the organization. For logistics planners working in consulting, that means constant, new, and exciting challenges.

What Does a Logistics Planner Need to Have for a Consulting Career?

  • If you want to take off in consulting as a logistics planner, you need to be able to work analytically and conceptually with a target-oriented mindset. You’ll also need to be fascinated by numbers.
  • Since digitalization is playing an increasingly large role in logistics too, it is advantageous if you work well with software and digital tools in addition to having logistics knowledge.
  • As a logistics advisor or consultant, you hold an important interface function within a business. This demands that you have communication skills and a talent for organization.
  • If you want to fill a position in internationally oriented industries, foreign language skills are of great importance. 
  • The journey to logistics consulting usually involves a university degree specializing in supply chain management or logistics, such as industrial engineering with a logistics focus. If your study or training background is in a commerce-related field, you can make your way to logistics planning by undertaking further education in logistics management.

Career as a Logistics Consultant at Ingenics

Ingenics offers you an exciting opportunity to take off in consulting as a logistics consultant. We carry out challenging intralogistics projects in an international environment. In your role as a logistics consultant, you help our clients to plan their logistics and constantly improve it. In intralogistics, the logistics experts at Ingenics concentrate on the logistics processes within a site’s boundaries and buildings. 


Logistics Consultant Duties at Ingenics

As an intralogistics consultant you ensure that the supply of goods to production areas functions perfectly over the crucial final meters. You ensure optimal efficiency by:

  • Incorporating strategic developments
  • Developing in-depth analyses and number-based concepts,
  • Integrating technical innovation
  • Considering sustainability approaches, and
  • Assessing and evaluating risks and opportunities.

Ingenics consultants work on areas of activity that range from logistics strategies to greenfield and brownfield planning of entire site logistics or individual areas, to projects for short-term efficiency increases and automation checks.

Future-Oriented Logistics Planning

For all projects, digitalization and automation are the core elements of planning and efficiency increases in logistics processes. The design of the systems and processes and the choice of the right technology and systems are the key instruments.

As part of your consulting role at Ingenics, you will use innovative strategies and technologies to find the best logistics solution for your clients. You will help them to implement digital shop floor management for better manufacturing processes and know exactly how they can leverage the benefits of the Internet of Things or augmented reality in their processes.

You will benefit from the digitalization expertise and consulting experience held by our consultants who will be at your side during your projects or who will unveil new perspectives for you during sparring rounds.

Start your Career as a Logistics Consultant at Ingenics

Immediately after graduation, you can start working with us as a logistics consultant. Do you already have several years of professional experience? Then you have the opportunity to become a Senior Consultant at Ingenics. On our job board, you can find suitable logistics planner and supply chain manager jobs to launch your consulting career at Ingenics.

You can look forward to exciting challenges in a variety of industries.

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