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Launch Your Career in Management Consulting

Are you looking for an exciting way to kick-start your career? Management consulting at Ingenics is the perfect option for you, particularly if you want to be fully prepared for the demands of an increasingly dynamic working world and want to develop your skills further


Management Consulting: The Perfect Way for Doers to Launch a Career

You discovered your capabilities and increased your expertise during your studies and now you want to get hands on and kick-start your career in the real world? If you value applying your knowledge in as many ways as possible right from the start, management consulting is the ideal way to launch your career after graduation.

In an entry-level position in consulting, you’ll set the course for a successful career right from the start. In the process, you’ll gain valuable insights on topics like digitalizationsupply chain managementsustainability, and more. With Ingenics as your employer, you can be sure that you’ll have the best possible opportunities available to advance your career.

At Ingenics you’ll find a collaborative workplace culture. Our entry-level positions in management consulting offer you the advantage of being able to learn from experienced experts and develop on the job with us. You’ll grow with your responsibilities and receive personalized support.

Discover your opportunities in our broadly positioned consulting and planning company. We’ll open numerous doors and paths for you – take the first step today!

How to Know If You’re Right for Ingenics

Do you already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or engineering, information technology, economics, mechanical engineering, or in a similar field of study? Are you a technician, specialist, or master craftsman? Perfect! If you’ve also already gained initial insights and real-world experience, it will make your start with us that much easier.

There may be additional, more specific requirements depending on your area of interest,

but one thing always applies: we’re looking for creative individuals who enjoy taking an analytical approach, innovating, and working as part of a team – and who are passionate about satisfying their clients.

Does this sound like you? Then we should get to know each other!


Get Your Career off to the Perfect Start with Ingenics

When you join Ingenics and begin your career in management consulting, it’s not by chance, it’s by design – in our structured onboarding process with a training package tailored to your needs, you’ll experience how much we invest in our employees and how much we support you from day one. Your new coworkers will ensure that none of your questions go unanswered.

Successfully launch your career with us – welcome to the team!

Why Join Ingenics? The Right Inspiration for Your Career

We shape the companies of tomorrow - with a passion for and professionalism in consulting, planning, and implementation.

Experience our open and goal-driven atmosphere in which we collaborate as partners. Our teams are connected across projects and countries. We have common goals and dreams – and drive innovation forward together!

Whether at Ingenics Consulting or at Ingenics Services – we open up a variety of career paths for you, because you and your plans take center stage!

Launch Your Career at Our Consulting and Planning Company: Entry-Level Postions

Choose the position that will get your career off to the best start here, and then apply directly via our online form or with your Xing profile.

Our application process will show you what happens next.